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Looking for farms & land for sale in Saskatchewan? Look no further. Farm Boy Realty is a full-service Agricultural Real Estate Brokerage featuring agriculture farmland for sale in beautiful Saskatchewan, Canada.

We are full-time real estate agents that grew up on family farms and operated farming operations in Saskatchewan – we have the agriculture knowledge demanded by buyers and sellers alike!

At Farm Boy Realty we have established solid connections with buyers of Saskatchewan Farm Land - from local agricultural producers too large and small investors.

We servicing both sellers and buyers of Saskatchewan farmland for sale, with exceptional customer service.

We are motivated to give you the very best in customer service and professionalism and are driven to the highest ethical performance.

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Why use a REALTOR ®

1: To understand the current market for your property – the days of simply listing and selling Farm Real Estate are long gone. Through a meeting with yourself and discussing what your farm has to offer Buyers, we will be able to help you determine who we should be targeting for your Farm Real Estate sale.

2: To properly price your property – we have access to a wealth of information to help you properly price your Farm Real Estate to ensure you get the most out of your investment! Realtors ® deal with prices every day and are current with the values of land in each area – with the large increases in land values over the last 5 years many sellers have a hard time believing prices can be as high as they currently are!

3: To negotiate on your behalf – most sellers are not aware of all the factors affecting the marketing of their property. Buyers quite often are not comfortable dealing directly with the Seller. This situation leads to lost opportunities for sales.

4: Realtors ® deal with the selling of Real Estate on a day to day basis and as such know where to look for and how to properly qualify buyers. The use of a Realtor ® frees up your time to concentrate on your work.

5: Realtors ®  are committed to providing a high level of service to you and to selling your property – Realtors ® are bound by a strict code of ethics and as such Sellers and Buyers know that when they use a Realtor ® they will be treated Honestly & Truthfully. 

6: Realtors ® get paid when you sell – When your property sells, for the price, terms and conditions you accept, only then does your Realtor ® get paid. Commissions cover all expenses incurred by the Realtor ® / Brokerage during the listing period and selling process including all advertising, promotion, travel, office, showings etc. If the Listing contract expires prior to the property selling, there is no cost to the Seller.