Personalized boutique level customer service – you will deal with the owner/broker at all times.
Clear, honest, and knowledgeable advice from a farmer with decades of agriculture experience.
Large database of land owners and farmers in each area who are looking for land to buy and sell.
Expertise in contract conditions, conflict management, and negotiations.
Assistance with finding and managing renters.
Proven track record as the leading Farm Land REALTOR® in Southeast Saskatchewan over the last several years.


1. Assess your financial health

Whether you are buying with cash or credit, you need to know what you can afford and ensure that the land you buy will return sufficient income to support credit payments, land upkeep and farming expenses. Meet with a bank or financial advise with experience in agriculture.

2. Find a

Retain a REALTOR® who is trustworthy, will put your needs first and who has first hand knowledge in agriculture, farmers and land. Buying a piece of land is significantly different than buying house, so agriculture experience is crucial

3. Get the

Before buying land, you should know the soil types on the property, the area’s crop rotations, average production value, and the past farming practices. If you can’t visit in person, ask your realtor to visit and assess the property for you. 

4. Consider rental prospects

If buying land as an investment, you should have your realtor research and advise on rental prospects, and set a strategy to obtain a suitable renter prior to committing to a purchase. 

5. Market

Research and compare the price you are paying for the land with comparable sales for the area you are buying in and ensure what you are buying has the right value.

6. Take your

Never be rushed by a seller or Realtor. Keep your best prices and financial goals to yourself. Don’t buy impulsively – be sure to consider everything prior to a purchase.

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